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Shoring Systems


Soil nails / anchors are reinforcing, passive / active elements that are drilled and grouted sub-horizontally in the ground to support excavations in soil, or in soft and weathered rock that:

• Contribute to the stability of earth-resisting systems mainly through tension as a result of the deformation of the retained soil or weathered rock mass.
• Have long-term, demonstrable corrosion protection to ensure adequate, long-term performance of the system.
• Interact structurally with the facing of the excavation.
• Are load-tested according to prescribed methods.
• Are routinely subject to construction QC/QA according to established procedures.


Soil nail / anchored walls are constructed using a “top-down” construction sequence, where the ground is excavated in lifts of limited height. Soil nails / anchors and an initial shotcrete facing are installed at each excavation lift to provide support. Subsequently, a final shotcrete or cast-in-place concrete facing is installed.

Common Uses:

- Stabilize slopes and landslides.
- Support excavations.
- Repair existing retaining walls.


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