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Geogrids and Geocells



Geocell system  is a versatile cellular containment system designed to deliver effective erosion control by stabilizing layers of soil on slopes.

Its cellular structure is made from a highly permeable and durable geosynthetic material that is easy to install and secure. Geocell system is easily transported to site in its collapsed form and is opened out on site and secured in place. Topsoil (or other media) is placed into the cells  on the slope confining it, and preventing it from slumping down the slope.

Geocells are  often used to secure a layer of topsoil and promote the growth of vegetation on surfaces that would otherwise not sustain grass or plants (eg. steep or “rocky” slopes).

 Geocells are also used for reinforcement of roads  with weak sub-base.


 Geo-synthetics overview

Geogrids can enhance soil structure and prevent soil erosion. This product is often used to prevent the road from reflective and fatigue cracking. Biaxial geogrid can effectively improve the long term durability of subgrade and greatly reduces road maintenance costs.


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