Best Bridges construction in Jordan, Post Tensioing Bridges.

Materials Supplier



Our company is the Sole Agent for many Post-Tensioning materials manufacturers such as TENSA, PBL, BEKART, MK4, NAUE.

We have the capability to Supply our clients with any equipments and materials required for Post-Tensioned Floors, also we can provide you with Bearing Pads, Expansion Joints, Anchorage Heads, and Coupling Systems for Bridges  such as:-


1- PC Strands (0.5”, 0.6” & 0.62” – Diameter): Supply of all kinds of strands manufactured at BEKART INTERNATIONAL.



2- Stressing Jacks Machines.




3- Ducts.



4- Grouting Machines.



5- Expansion Joints.



6- Bearing pads.



7- Anchorage Heads.


8- Coupling Systems.