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Epoxy Coatings

We are specialized in industrial painting application of sandblasting, surface preparation and application of high performance protective coating (Chemical Refinery & Power Plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, silo &storage tank coating, high-heat & smoke stack coating, secondary containment tank coating, and steel structures), waterproofi­ng systems, Concrete repair, Fireproofi­ng using products that carry different trusted companies worldwide such as Sherwin Williams. in addition to our long experience and professionalism in GUARANTEED and CERTIFIED floor coating systems of all sectors; (INDUSTRIAL, FOOD&DRINK, RETAIL&COMMERICIAL, AUTOMOTIVE, AEROSPACE, EDUCATION, CUSTODIAL  and, STADIA& ARENAS), applying thermal insulation bricks using products that carry different trusted companies worldwide.


We offer outstanding painting services and handle both large and small industrial coating projects and our firm is dedicated to securing excellence in project performance. Effectively, we strive for productivity, while never losing sight of employee concerns and safety.



Flooring and Deck Coatings


Waterproofing Systems                                                                  Fireproofing Coatings


Concrete Repair                                                                 Hygienic coatings


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