Best Bridges construction in Jordan, Post Tensioing Bridges.


Bridges are exposed to sudden impact by heavy truck loads. Bridge structures -voided slabs ,solid slabs box girders or girder beams-will crack under  repetative impacts and will have a very short life span.

Post-tensioning of PC strands with high tensile strength (270KSI)  in side these structures will be opposed by concrete compression. The compression of concrete particles will avoid any cracks in the structure to happen. Moreover, the structure will be shallow with attractive shape and will have a longer life time.
PPL can provide a complete service starting from design,shop drawings,scaffolding and formwork,supply and installation of post-tensioning materials ,installation of bearing pads,untill the work is complete 100% .

PPL team prepared an introdutory lecture discussing post-tensioned concrete bridges components, design philosophy, codes requirements,...etc.

 Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridges Lecture